Understanding SQL Injections in the Database Management SystemTeam Shatter Exclusive

Let’s talk about SQL Injections in the Database Management System (DBMS). SQL Injections are a well-known attack vector in the DBMS through Web applications because of a failure to sanitize user inputs.

Similar to the Web-based variant, SQL Injection in the DBMS exploits passing SQL commands as a parameter of a function or stored procedure. This will then execute the malicious SQL commands in the context of the component that provides the called function. This is often done using components with system or admin privileges resulting in privilege escalation.

For example: A component that provides backup functionality, usually runs at a higher privilege, calling a SQL Injection vulnerable function in that specific component could allow a regular user to escalate their privileges and become a DBA and take over the database.

By keeping up-to-date on implementing database patches you can often avoid SQL Injection vulnerabilities. All vulnerabilities listed in the TeamSHATTER Threat Finder have been fixed by the database vendors and patches are currently available. Run your own search on the Threat Finder or click here to see a list of SQL Injection vulnerabilities I found in the Threat Finder.

Vulnerability 2 of 10.

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