Advisory: Oracle Cross-site scripting in OEM (advReplicationAdmin)Team Shatter Exclusive

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Risk Level:


Affected versions:
Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control,,

Remote exploitable:

This vulnerability was discovered and researched by Esteban Martinez Fayo of Application Security Inc.

Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities occur when an attacker tricks a legitimate web application into sending malicious code, generally in the form of a script, to an unsuspecting end user. The attack usually involves crafting a hyperlink with malicious script code embedded within it. A valid user is likely to click this link since it points to a resource on a trusted domain. The link can be posted on a web page, or sent in an instant message, or email. Clicking on the link executes the attacker-injected code in the context of the trusted web application. Typically, the code steals session cookies, which can then be used to impersonate a valid user.
There are instances of XSS vulnerabilities in the Distributed/Cross DB Features of Oracle Enterprise Manager.  For example web page /em/console/database/dist/advRepl/advReplicationAdmin is vulnerable to this kind of attacks.

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Attackers might steal administrator’s session cookies, thereby allowing the attacker to impersonate the valid user.

Vendor Status:
Vendor was contacted and a patch was released.

There is no workaround for this vulnerability.

Apply January 2013 CPU.



Vendor Notification – 6/25/2012
Vendor Response – 6/29/2012
Fix – 1/15/2013
Public Disclosure – 2/20/2013

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