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All versions of Hadoop
Hadoop can be configured to allow a list of accounts/groups to act as queue administrators, thus granting them unrestricted control over the jobs submitted to that queue. This permissions should be present in the system policy and audited by the system admin.
mapred.acls.enabled configuration parameter specifies whether ACLs should be checked for authorization of users for doing various queue and job level operations. ACLs are disabled by default. If enabled, access control checks are made by JobTracker and TaskTracker when requests are made by users for queue operations like submit job to a queue and kill a job in the queue and job operations like viewing the job-details or for modifying the job using Map/Reduce APIs, RPCs or via the console and web user interfaces.
However, irrespective of the job ACLs configured, a list of accounts/groups can be granted permissions on the jobs submitted to a particular queue.
Queue names to which jobs can be submitted are listed in parameter mapred.queue.names on file mapred-site.xml. The Map/Reduce system always supports at least one queue with the name 'default'. Hence, mapred.queue.names value should always contain the string 'default'.
For each queue, a list of accounts/groups with special permissions can be specified in file mapred-queue-acls.xml:

mapred.queue..acl-submit-job: list of users and groups that can submit jobs to the specified .

mapred.queue..acl-administer-job: list of users and groups that can change the priority or kill jobs that have been submitted to the specified .

These ACLs should be present in system policy and audited by the system administrator.

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