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Nationwide Mutual Insurance Hacked, Reports Data For Over 1.1 Million Americans Exposed

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A Nationwide Mutual Insurance data breach that took place on October 3 apparently affected over a million Americans. The company reported to the North Carolina Attorney General that 1.1 million American customers may have been affected by the data breach, conducted by an unknown party and potentially from overseas. Click for complete article >>

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Nationwide Insurance Suffers Data Breach, At Least 28,000 Affected

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Nationwide may not be on your side, at least when it comes to press containment and incident response. According to a letter from the insurance company recently delivered to customers, the firm is cleaning up after a nasty data breach. However, they’re not disclosing the full scale and scope of the breach itself in order to prevent panic, a Nationwide Mutual spokesperson has stated. In a letter sent to clients, confirmed by state officials in California and Georgia, it was…

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Risk Management Report: Battening Down For Data Breaches

Battening Down The Hatches

Insurers have long known that the risks inherent in the continuing expansion of the digital universe need to be reflected in successful enterprise risk management (ERM) efforts. A new report issued report jointly released by the Risk and Insurance Management Society Inc. (RIMS), Identity Theft 911 and USLAW NETWORK says that with an estimated 1.8 zettabytes of information created and stored in 2011 alone, there has never been a more opportune time for an organization to assess and update data…

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What You Need To Know About Cyberinsurance

Posted November 30, 2011 by Tim Whitman in Best Practices, Breach Costs, Database Security, Fines and Penalties, Insurance with 0 comments
Cyberinsurance 101

Imagine: Your company’s security fails. You’ve been hacked. Credit cards, bank account numbers, addresses, and employee names are now in the hands of strangers, ready to be spread to the rest of the Internet or be sold to spambots. What do you do? Unless you have planned ahead, you’re panicking and gearing up for expensive damage control. But if you’ve properly prepared, your first step is to call your cyberinsurance provider. So, what is cyberinsurance? Cyberinsurance is a growing segment…

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Senators Propose Privacy Bill of Rights

Privacy Bill of Rights

Two veteran senators – John Kerry, D-Mass., and John McCain, R-Ariz. – introduced Tuesday legislation that would balance individual privacy rights while allowing businesses to collect consumer information that could be used to market products and services. The sponsors contend the legislation would protect people from unscrupulous actors by creating a set of basic rights to which all Americans are entitled. The aim of the Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2011 is to establish a baseline code of…

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Health Net Experiences Massive Data Breach of 1.9 Million Records

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Health Net said Monday that the insurer has lost computerized records containing personal information on 1.9 million current and past enrollees, including 845,000 Californians. The Woodland Hills company said it has launched an investigation and begun notifying people affected by the huge security breach, which has the potential for exposing affected customers to identity theft. The missing information may include names, addresses, Social Security numbers, health information, and financial information, the company said. “Based on the information we have compiled,…

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