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Top Federal And Local Government Data Breaches Of 2012

Posted November 29, 2012 by TeamSHATTER Admin in Data Breach, Database Security, Government (Federal), Government (State) with 0 comments

With federal and local government agencies suffering the brunt of Anonymous protests, targeted phishing attacks leading to privilege escalation, and highly effective SQL injection attacks granting wide-scale access to information, citizen privacy definitely took a hit in 2012. 1. South Carolina More than 3.3 million unencrypted bank account numbers and 3.8 million tax returns were stolen in a wide-ranging attack against the South Carolina Department of Revenue that all started through a state employee falling for a phishing attack that…

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Cybersecurity Legislation Stalled By U.S. Senate

Posted November 20, 2012 by TeamSHATTER Admin in Data Breach, Database Security, Government (Federal) with 0 comments

The comprehensive cybersecurity legislation has stalled again in the United States Senate, effectively killing the bill for the rest of the year. Will the president issue an executive order to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks? On Wednesday, the Senate voted 51-47 to end debate on the bill and move to a final vote. However, the bill needed 60 votes to break the filibuster and move forward. The proposed bill failed a similar vote back in August. Click for…

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Are Voter Databases At Risk?

Posted October 18, 2012 by TeamSHATTER Admin in Attack Vectors, Data Breach, Database Security, Government (Federal) with 0 comments

As the rest of the nation’s citizens sit on on pins and needles about who will win the presidential election — Barack Obama or Mitt Romney — information security pros are even more anxious in their wait to see whether this is the year that hackers find a way to subvert or disrupt the increasingly electronic-voting process. According to security experts, the situation is ripe for the bad guys to strike. Hacktivist groups like Anonymous and LulzSec have perfected their…

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Scolded For Poor Security Practices

Posted August 24, 2012 by TeamSHATTER Admin in Data Breach, Database Security, FISMA, Government (Federal) with 0 comments
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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) needs to clean up its security act, according to the investigative arm of Congress. In a report released this week, the federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that the department charged with protecting human health and the environment is falling short at protecting its systems from unauthorized access. Click for complete article >>

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How Prepared Is America To Deal With A Major Cyber Attack?

Posted July 27, 2012 by TeamSHATTER Admin in Data Breach, Database Security, Government (Federal) with 0 comments

The man in charge of America’s cyber operations said that on a scale of one to 10, the nation’s preparedness to deal with a major cyber attack on critical infrastructure sits at a dismal three. “Somebody who finds vulnerability in our infrastructure could cause tremendous problems,” Army Gen. Keith Alexander, Director of the National Security Agency and chief of U.S. Cyber Command, told audience members at the Aspen Institute’s annual security forum late Thursday, according to multiple reports. Alexander said…

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Hacker Breaches US Navy Site As Warning To The Government

Posted June 4, 2012 by Tim Whitman in Data Breach, Database Security, Government (Federal), Hacker News with 0 comments
Computer Chip

A hacker called Comrade (.c0mrade) claimed to have breached the US Navy’s official site and dumped a partial list of personal information and data on Pastebin. The hack included the data profiles of 29 accounts on the website and 171 military email addresses and cracked passwords in alphabetical order, posted on a separate file. “I’m going to be gracious here and not release the rest of the database as it features far more updated content,” the hacker said, according to E…

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Not If…When: Data (In)Security Will Impact The 2012 Presidential Election RaceTeam Shatter Exclusive

Presidential Campaign

It’s election time, and with the Republican field narrowed down to Mitt Romney as the likely nominee, we have ourselves a Presidential race to watch. When it comes to politics I’m probably at my most cynical, so it’s not what candidates are saying about the issues that catches my attention. It’s the side shows – that’s where all the fun stuff happens – the negative adds, the personal scandals, the fears of voting failures and miscounts, the “facts” invented at…

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NASA Data Stolen In Security Breach

Posted March 5, 2012 by Tim Whitman in Data Breach, Database Security, Government (Federal) with 0 comments
NASA logo

Nasa has admitted that the data of employees and mission-critical projects was stolen during 13 major security breaches in 2011. Hackers were able to get full functional control when they broke into Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory by using an internet protocol (IP) address in China, according to a testimony by Nasa inspector Paul Martin. Click for complete article >>

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National Security Agency Pushes For Cybersecurity

Posted March 1, 2012 by Tim Whitman in Data Breach, Database Security, Government (Federal) with 0 comments

The National Security Agency has pushed repeatedly over the past year to expand its role in protecting private-sector computer networks from cyberattacks but has been rebuffed by the White House, largely because of privacy concerns, according to administration officials and internal documents. The most contentious issue was a legislative proposal last year that would have required hundreds of companies that provide such critical services as electricity generation to allow their Internet traffic to be continuously scanned using computer threat data…

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Anonymous Said To Be Unstoppable — But For The Wrong ReasonsTeam Shatter Exclusive

Is Anonymous Unstoppable?

Late on Friday afternoon, Nicole Perlroth of the New York Times posted a piece to the ‘Bits’ blog titled, “Anonymous Says It Knocked C.I.A. Offline”. Within the post, in reference to the latest Anonymous activity, she quotes Jerry Irvine, member of the National Cyber Security Task Force as saying, “This is going to happen more and more frequently — they’re unstoppable. Why can’t they be stopped? Because security technologies have not kept up with the extent of the vulnerabilities that…

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