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Hey Facebook: Forget The Winklevoss Twins – Data Security Adversaries Are On The Way

Facebook IPO

As you folks over at Facebook prepare to make your initial public offering, before you switch gears to planning your IPO parties and stock-option fueled vacations, take a moment to consider data security. After all, Facebook is nothing without data – volumes and volumes of it. And all that data needs to remain available, accessible, private (sometimes), and authentic, 24 hours a day, from now until…forever. Over the last few years, millions of people have entrusted Facebook with everything from…

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It’s Data Breach Report Season: Beware Of Partial TruthsTeam Shatter Exclusive

tip of iceberg

I look forward to reading the statistics every year. How many records were stolen last year? What did it cost the victims? How did the attackers pull it off? I love that organizations like Verizon Business and Ponemon Institute compile and publish all this data. It helps shed a lot of light on what’s going on in the information security world. I’ll admit it now – I’m a bit of a stats guy. I look for patterns whenever I see…

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Gartner: Database Activity Monitoring Evolves To Database Audit And Protection

Posted March 2, 2012 by Tim Whitman in Best Practices, Data Breach, Database Security, General Business with 0 comments

Jeffrey Wheatman and Ramon Krikken just published a new note each on database security. For a long time, the main solutions in this space were referred to as Database Activity Monitoring. Monitoring is still an incredibly important aspect, but the products have really grown up in the last couple years – so we’re renaming the solutions to more accurately reflect their capabilities and customer requirements: enter Database Audit and Protection. Click for complete article >>

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Old Data and Databases Pose as Security Threats

Posted February 24, 2012 by Tim Whitman in Attack Vectors, Best Practices, Database Security, General, General Business with 0 comments
Old Data

When was the last time you deleted a database — not accidentally, but on purpose? Have you ever willfully deleted a database? How about removed sensitive data from one? Most database administrators I’ve spoken with have never retired the contents of a database. They may migrate the contents of the old database into a newly architected repository, but seldom have they just deleted a database. Or parsed out old data lying around that was clearly obsolete, or possibly truncated tables…

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You Can’t Protect What You Don’t Know AboutTeam Shatter Exclusive

The Unknown

It’s 2012. Do you know where your databases are? Most DBA’s will probably say “Sure, my ERP backend is the RAC cluster running on these servers over there, my currency trading Sybase backend is running over there, and my intranet SharePoint server has its content stored on the SQL Server under my desk.” But are these really all the database servers you have in your company? “Well yes, of course, these are all our important databases and we run regular…

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Cyber Attacks Grow More Dangerous And Profitable

Posted February 22, 2012 by Tim Whitman in Data Breach, Database Security, General, General Business, Hacker News with 0 comments

In 2012, the ever-evolving cyber security industry will not only rapidly shift its focus, but its growth, too. This isn’t just because of a simple increase in business. The threat of a cyber attack has become something much different – and much more dangerous. On the backs of these new types of attacks, the global cyber security industry is expected to grow an additional $7.2 billion in the next four years, according to projections from Gartner. Not only does this…

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Database Security TLAs Make Me LOLTeam Shatter Exclusive

Posted February 15, 2012 by Josh Shaul in Database Security, General, General Business, Team Shatter Exclusive, Technology with 0 comments
TLA Alphabet Soup

Did you ever notice how some markets go through never ending cycles of naming, re-naming and re-re-naming themselves? It feels like déjà vu all over again in the Database Security space as we see a whole new set of acronyms being rolled out to cover the same technology from the same group of vendors as we’ve named several times before. From Gartner, we are hearing DAM is dead, long live DAP. Almost simultaneously, Securosis launched DSP, abandoning DAM, and DAMP….

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Protecting The Brand: The Impact Of Data Breaches

Brand Reputation Management

Never mind all those formula Hollywood films about oddly sympathetic adolescents hacking into major government or financial computer systems. In fact, real cybercrime has overtaken terrorism as the central threat to U.S. security, according to FBI director Robert Mueller. The perpetrators may be ideological adversaries based in Iran. They may be gangsters prowling the canyons of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. The effects were dramatic last year. 2011 saw the largest cybercrime case in history when six Estonians were accused of infecting…

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Risk Management Report: Battening Down For Data Breaches

Battening Down The Hatches

Insurers have long known that the risks inherent in the continuing expansion of the digital universe need to be reflected in successful enterprise risk management (ERM) efforts. A new report issued report jointly released by the Risk and Insurance Management Society Inc. (RIMS), Identity Theft 911 and USLAW NETWORK says that with an estimated 1.8 zettabytes of information created and stored in 2011 alone, there has never been a more opportune time for an organization to assess and update data…

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Understanding And Selecting A Database Security Platform: Defining DSP

Posted February 7, 2012 by Tim Whitman in Best Practices, Database Security, General Business, Uncategorized with 0 comments

From the folks at analyst firm Securosis comes the next blog post in its “Understanding and Selecting a Database Security Platform” series.  Adrian Lane writes: As I stated in the intro, Database Security Platform (DSP, to save us writing time and piss off the anti-acronym crowd) differs from DAM in a couple ways. Let’s jump right in with a definition of DSP, and then highlight the critical differences between DAM and DSP. Click here for full article >>

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