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What Every Database Administrator Should Know About Security

[The following is excerpted from "What Every Database Administrator Should Know About Security," a new report posted this week on Dark Reading's Database Security Tech Center.] To say that there is friction between security professionals and database administrators (DBAs) is putting it mildly. Database administrators are both the caretakers of database platforms and the managers of data. Very seldom are they also security experts. In many enterprises, the DBA and the security team find themselves at odds because the DBA is…

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Latest DBMS Security Patch Levels – Updated

TeamSHATTER keeps you up to date with the latest DBMS Security Patch levels to ensure you are protected with the latest security fixes. Last updated 3/21/2013   Oracle   Edition Latest Patch Release Date Comments Database 11g R2 Database 11g R1 Database 10g R2 Critical Patch Update January 2013 January 15th 2013   Database 10gR1 Critical Patch Update January 2012 January 17th 2012 Out of support. This was the final patch for 10gR1. Database 9i Critical Patch Update July 2010…

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How The Finance Vertical Helped Shape Database Security

Posted February 16, 2012 by Tim Whitman in Best Practices, Database Security, Finance and Banking, MySQL, Oracle, PCI, Sybase with 0 comments

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Vulnerability Assessment and Logging platforms have been around for a long time, being some of the very first security tools available. However, it was the inability of these technologies to adequately address specific threats spawned new twists to these technologies. For example, IDS was ineffective at understanding SQL Queries and common application processes, so database activity monitoring was created to fill the gap. Vulnerability assessments were fine at assessing operating system and device settings, but lack…

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Does Software Security Suffer When The Customer Is No Longer Master?Team Shatter Exclusive

king throne

When it comes right down to it, you can only have one master – one that you serve and aim to please above all others. If you went around asking CEOs who their company’s master is, you’re likely to get the same response each and every time:  our customer is our master. The thing is, that’s not always true, particularly when it comes to publicly traded companies. When you sell shares of your company to the public, you take on…

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WineHQ Database Hacked, Passwords Stolen

Posted October 12, 2011 by TeamSHATTER Admin in Data Breach, Database Security, MySQL, Technology with 0 comments
WineHQ Database Hacked

Add WineHQ to the list of open-source projects struggling to contain a serious security breach. WineHQ, which manages software that’s used to run Windows applications on Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X, confirmed the breach and warned that the intruders were able to hijack usernames and passwords. “What we know at this point that someone was able to obtain unauthorized access to the phpmyadmin utility. We do not exactly how they obtained access; it was either by compromising an…

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Check Your Database ConfigurationsTeam Shatter Exclusive

Today, there are a myriad of database configuration options – many of which are either direct security settings, or that impact security. When a new database is installed, DBAs need to address many configuration options to enhance database security. Let’s look at a few database configurations that should be followed. Database Management Systems (DBMS) are complex. In the infancy of the DBMS, there were only a handful of configuration options, leaving little choices for the DBAs in charge of them…

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