(Security Heuristics of Application Testing Technology for Enterprise Research)

TeamSHATTER.com offers IT security professionals a one-stop location for database security, risk and compliance news, research and analysis.

The site leverages research and analysis from Application Security’s TeamSHATTER, the world’s premiere threat research team. TeamSHATTER maintains the most comprehensive knowledgebase of database security checks and misconfigurations in the industry.


TeamSHATTER has pioneered vulnerability assessment and prevention. The team understands, at a fundamental level, how to make security an integral part of an enterprise’s database security and network management infrastructure. TeamSHATTER’s ongoing mission is to focus on researching and providing easy-to-use, high-quality, and effective security solutions.

Alex Rothacker

Alex Rothacker is the Director of Security Research for Application Security, Inc.’s (AppSec) TeamSHATTER. In his role, Alex manages a team comprised of some of the world’s most renowned databases security researchers. TeamSHATTER is regularly credited for identifying critical database vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in leading database management systems.

Before joining AppSec, Alex was a Director of Solutions at Visionics, a facial recognition software start-up. In addition, Alex has held various senior-level software development positions.

Alex holds an M.S. in Computer Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology and Diplom Informatiker from Fachhochschule Darmstadt (Germany).

Vladimir Zakharevich

Vladimir Zakharevich is a Security Researcher at AppSec. Before joining AppSec, Vladimir was a developer at IndustryBrains Inc. in NYC,where he analyzed behavior of Search Engine Robots and constructed filter algorithms. While a Software Engineer at Focke & Co. in Verden, Germany; Vladimir participated and took 2nd place in 2005 NYC area digital forensics competition (CSAW) and currently holds NSTISSI 4011 and 4013 security certificates.

Vladimir holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science, with specialization in Computer Security, from NYU Poly.

Martin Rakhmanov

Martin Rakhmanov is a Senior Security Researcher at AppSec. Martin is credited with discovery of multiple vulnerabilities in database software, network servers and web browsers.

Prior to AppSec, Martin was a team lead at Reksoft.

Martin holds a BS degree in Economics from Saint-Petersburg State Technical University, Russia

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